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Our company is located 3 kilometers from the airport. It is a perfect place that allows you to start your motorbike journey without having to drive in Ulan Bator.

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My girlfriend and I have just returned from 14 days on the bikes, seeing some of he most beautiful sights in Mongolia. It really was the adventure of a life time!

Matt - from Australia


Mustang Shineray 150 cc

In recent years, the Mustang 150cc made in China has become a must in the mongolian steppe, seducing nomads even in the most areas These bikes are now preferred to the old IZH Planeta and prove to be the perfect companion for travel in rough conditions. 2 liters per 100 kms, electric start and an assortment of luggage racks capable of transporting huge cargoes are arguments shock for those who crisscross the steppe.

Ural Side Car

A mythical machine, capricious, bestial, that will take you to the end of the world .... provided that you won't be afraid to put your hands dirty.

  Terelj National Park 2 or 3 Days Fishing Ural Side Car
  The Orkhon Valley 5 Days 4WD Discovery Mustang Shineray 150 cc
  The Orkhon Valley 7 Days Trekking  
  The Craddle of Mongolia 14 Days    
  The Gobi Desert 14 Days    
  The Classic Tours 21 Days    
  The Big Tour of Mongolia 30 Days    
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