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My girlfriend and I have just returned from 14 days on the bikes, seeing some of he most beautiful sights in Mongolia. It really was the adventure of a life time!

Matt - from Australia



The best time to visit Mongolia is between early May and late September. July is the warmest month this is also the period of Nadaam, the great Mongolian feast.But it is also the wettest month of the year and it is well known that the rain is the enemy of the motorcyclist. June and September are slightly cooler, especially at night but you can still have very warm days with temperatures above 30C.

What to Bring

A trip to Mongolia can not be improvised and its success depends on your preparation. We indicate below what we consider essential to put in your bag.This list is not exhaustive and we will help you gladly for each particular case. There are 5 items which are particularly important ...

Do's and Don't

Mongolians are very tolerant people and most will not take offence when a foreigner is unfamiliar with local customs. It is not possible or even expected of you to know all the customs of the Mongols in the course of a short trip. However, Mongolians are always happy and appreciative when a foreign visitor takes the time to learn some of their customs and shows this during greetings or visits. We’ve noted some of the most important customs below.

Travelers Report

Having flown many times on k-air and asiana. love the food that they serve! hope you weren't fooled by the duty free signs, it's really not that cheap...

Mongolian Culture

The ger, or yurt, has been the traditional dwelling of Mongolian nomads for centuries. It is particularly well suited to the climate of the steppes and surprisingly well protected against cold and winds.

How to navigate in the steppe

Only few years ago, traveling in Mongolia was like a real expedition. Petrol was very difficult to find, food almost non existent, maps written in cyrillic and of very bad quality.

  Terelj National Park 2 or 3 Days Fishing Ural Side Car
  The Orkhon Valley 5 Days 4WD Discovery Mustang Shineray 150 cc
  The Orkhon Valley 7 Days Trekking  
  The Craddle of Mongolia 14 Days    
  The Gobi Desert 14 Days    
  The Classic Tours 21 Days    
  The Big Tour of Mongolia 30 Days    
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