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My girlfriend and I have just returned from 14 days on the bikes, seeing some of he most beautiful sights in Mongolia. It really was the adventure of a life time!

Matt - from Australia


Mongolia is a real paradise for all fishers. Go to the discovery of this beautifull country by fishing in its pure rivers.
Mongolian rivers and fish.

Mongolia is one of the world's great remaining freshwater fisheries. Asia's continental watershed runs through Mongolia, splitting the country's more than 4000 rivers. Our crystal clear rivers host a number of sport fish including the Taimen, the world biggest salmonid. Taimen can reach 30 kilos. Other target species include the Lenok, Grayling, Pike, Sturgeon and Asian water fish.

The most wide spread local fish species is the Lenok (or Siberian trout). According to locality, it can reach up to 80 cm of length and 4 to 5 kilos of weight. A wonderfully colored, pugnacious fish, it can be handled with all types of bait, streamers offering the most attractive option. Local specimens of the Grayling, normally reach 40 cm of length and being remarkably plentiful, represent a highly distinctive feature of most of Mongolia's rivers. Other species suitable for angling include the Pike, reaching locally up to 130 cm and averaging around one rneter on catching: the Burbot (specimens measuring over one meter have been caught); the perch; the sockeye; the omul and the Amur region, the Amur Pike, the Uskuch Trout, which can reach up to 80 crn; and the Mongol variety of the Silver Salmon.

When to go fishing in Mongolia.
Fishing season: July, August, September, and October.

Taimen fishing is open from early July through the end of October. The best time is typically from mid-August until the end of September. The weather in Mongolia can be extreme.In late August and early September, often hot in the day but quite cold at night. Bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag.
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