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Our company is located 3 kilometers from the airport. It is a perfect place that allows you to start your motorbike journey without having to drive in Ulan Bator.

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My girlfriend and I have just returned from 14 days on the bikes, seeing some of he most beautiful sights in Mongolia. It really was the adventure of a life time!

Matt - from Australia


We are a family agency operating since 1999 and whose sole aim is to make people live an unforgettable experience. No rush, small only groups and a customized service that will take you off the beaten tracks to discover a timeless Mongolia.

Cheke is the founder of the company. She has traveled around the world and she knows well the needs of travelers. She speaks fluent English and French, she is always in a good mood and she has a deep knowledge of her country. She is the real leader of the family.

Jaga is her brother. He is an experienced driver who has been traveling for years on tracks in Mongolia . He is also an outstanding mechanician and he is able to fixe an engine in the middle of the steppe making a missing piece with limited resources. Nature lover, he is the essential companion to live a Mongolian adventure safely.

Myagaa is the most expeirenced chinese motorbike mechanic. His been riding and fixing second hand old motorbikes since he was a 13 year old boy. He grow up in Khuvsgul province with a nomadic family. Now he is 21 years old, a friendly and helpfull guy who’s working full time for Cheke Tours since May, 2015.

  Terelj National Park 2 or 3 Days Fishing Ural Side Car
  The Orkhon Valley 5 Days 4WD Discovery Mustang Shineray 150 cc
  The Orkhon Valley 7 Days Trekking  
  The Craddle of Mongolia 14 Days    
  The Gobi Desert 14 Days    
  The Classic Tours 21 Days    
  The Big Tour of Mongolia 30 Days    
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